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Random thought before I sleep:

  • did you realize Nagisa spoon-fed Rin with his own spoon?
  • that’s an indirect kiss
  • did you realize they jumped to the next part after that so we didn’t see Nagisa eating everything?
  • which means he hasn’t eaten the cake yet.
  • what happens when cute people eat cake?
  • icing on the cheeks, icing on the tip of the nose
  • And Rin’s been so good at taking care of Nagisa the whole time, so he’ll definitely take a napkin and impulsively wipe it
  • yeah i know it’s super cute
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Some more symbolism in Free!ES ep. 12


So, I didn’t really put this post together—source is here and is a great read for all of the things to look around for in Episode 12, if you feel like digging through the Japanese. It goes into great detail not only about the fun tidbits, like the meaning of flowers and numbers and story progression in the episode, but also compares them to other works that Yamada Naoko (the episode director) has been involved with, like Tamako Love Story and K-ON with similar themes (so that we can be assured that these things were put there on purpose).

But I’m just going to translate/paraphrase/meta a little bit on one part that really stuck out to me—and that was the importance of “feet/footsteps/walking” in episode 12!

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