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What if Yamazaki Sousuke had trouble with his backstroke

pretty sure we need more soumako fics in our lives, so I took a rest from soulmate!au to write the prompts in my inbox

The first obvious choice was Momotaro. If Sousuke wanted to swim backstroke better, he should learn from the expert in their team, right?

Wrong. Momo is a special kind of athlete. Special kind of person, even. (Sousuke saw him peeking in their room yesterday and staring at Rin’s chest, okay? He’s weird. He also sometimes disappears and goes back to the dorm looking so dirty that Nitori ends up sleeping on the floor of Sousuke-Rin’s room. Sousuke thinks Momo might be an alien.) Just thinking of him teaching someone makes Sousuke shudder in fear.

The second obvious choice was Rin. Because Rin knows all the strokes and is a goddamn expert on literally everything. He’s a great teacher too. He made that glasses speedo guy float. That was nothing short of magical.

Except, Rin was not a backstroke swimmer. He was the best in freestyle and butterfly in their whole team. Besides, Rin was busy handling the kids. And offering tutoring lessons to the members who wanted to be better, apparently. (Rin is an angel brought to earth and Samezuka has been blessed.)

So no. Sousuke had to go for the not-obvious choice.

He has to go ask Tachibana Makoto to teach him. (And no, he did not just list all of those as an excuse. No, he did not erase the other samezuka swimmers in his list of choices just so Makoto would be the one on top. Why would he? He does not have any reason to do that!)