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Since someone asked me this question already, I’m gonna go with KR ships ok? (I was thinking toku ships, but then that would include sentai and Garo and ultraman and ohgod so many shows)

  1. Sakurai Yuuto x Nogami Airi (Den-O)
  2. Utahoshi Kengo x Joujima Yuki (Fourze)
  3. Nozama Tomoko x Sakuta Ryuusei (Fourze)
  4. Hino Eiji x Ankh x Izumi Hina (OOO) (and yes it’s an OT3. Never separate.)
  5. Koyomi x Haruto (Wizard)

Woah. I— It’s all pretty much het??? That is… surprising. Oh… my slash ships are concentrated in the sentai fandom, probably. Probably. This is such a weird epiphany.

(runner ups include Mezool x Gamel, Gotou x Satonaka, Philip x Shoutaro, FENIRIN, Kagami x Tendou)

top 5 OTPs

ohgod so many otps to choose from ;o; I’m going with anime ones here okay?

  1. Gareki x Nai (Karneval)
  2. Sakura x Syaoran (CCS; Tsubasa Chronicles)
  3. Nezumi x Shion (No. 6)
  4. Yoh x Anna (Shaman King)
  5. Hibari x Dino (KHR)

rofl my thought process was basically “which pairing has ruined my life the most???” and I realized I’ve had numerous fandoms and every single one of them has ruined me.

(special mentions are: Haruhi x Kyon, Rin x Nagisa, Gokudera x Yamamoto, Hikaru x Akira, YANKUMI x SHIN)

riverwife replied to your post “Another AU idea dump: Free! in Rise of the Guardians!AU. Rin is Jack…”

so if haru is the only mortal what’s gonna happen to him ;_; will he become a spirit?

Yeah. He will most definitely become a spirit because I can’t take Haru-chan away from them.

I mean, I’m the biggest fan of the JAIME BENNETT SHOULD BE A GUARDIAN!!! idea. I’m still torn between making Haru into Sandman or he’ll be, well, Haru who is the Guardian of Belief. The ending details aren’t clear yet hmmm.

imagine rin waking up nagisa by kissing him all over his body. Everywhere.

are you baiting me to write smut because hey it’s the day Christ has risen (loljk sorry I was talking about this with my friend and it is stuck in my mind.)

I’m sorry, but the first thing that entered my mind isn’t something sexy and romantic. Nope. My mind is an awful place.

The first thought I had was:

BUT NAGISA IS A KICKER. And a snuggler, yes. A clinger.  But his limbs go all over the place when Rin wakes up and gets out of his deadly grip! Also, Nagisa doesn’t like waking up early!

So… huh. Maybe Rin does kiss him. But it’s a process. A methodical process.

Step 1: Nudge Nagisa until he’s at the middle of the bed. Utilize the nudge and run technique. (Do not get kicked. Be stealthy! Agility, Rin! Agility!)

Step 2: Push him on his back until you can sit on his belly. He will most likely whine here and thrash around. So immediately kiss him on the jawline. Trace that jawline, Rin. Do it.

Step 3: Pin his hands above his head. (Victorious smirk is allowed to be shown if you have not been kicked at this point. Give yourself a reward.) Attack his face with kisses. Also, his neck. Kiss loudly and nuzzle his neck until he laughs and wakes up to tackle you back (Nagisa is ticklish and his early morning laughter is the most adorable thing in the whole world.)

Optional Step 4: Say sorry for disturbing his sleep by making him strawberry pancakes for breakfast. Nagisa smiling gratefully at you as he eats heartily is the best way to start your day.